Value Proposition

Scenario is founded on the premise that planning, insight, experience and discipline can be deployed to diminish typical impediments to successful project delivery.

Our team combines Construction Managers with Craftspeople, Technologists with Artisans and all the specialists that work together to move complex attractions from early stage technical design through production, testing, installation and commissioning.

Scenario’s success is built on strategic planning, problem solving, constant attention to detail and the ability to manage the large scale complexity of many simultaneous and contingent operations, while at the same time maintaining quality, ensuring safety and enacting economical practices.

Scenario builds project value by identifying, during the planning stage, the true costs of impediments and delays typically encountered in production. Through accurate estimating, budgeting, scheduling and overall project planning, Scenario provides cost control, quality control and schedule adherence that saves our customers time, money and loss of value on intellectual property. Scenario effectively plans projects to open as designed, on schedule.