Safety is the foundation of all our operations. We operate in the knowledge that we must continually challenge and improve our safety performance.

We plan to operate incident and injury-free and we are committed to realizing this across all of our divisions. To support this positive safety culture we have developed a robust safety and risk management system which drives continuous safety improvement targeted at the early identification of potential workplace hazards.

We believe:

  • We are committed to incorporating safety and occupational health management into all aspects of the business.
  • Communicating effectively our safety policy and procedures to all stakeholders. Providing appropriate safety training and awareness to all Cockram people and complying with statutory obligations
  • A company-wide safety culture that motivates and empowers employees to behave safely and ensure that their own safety is not compromised is the cornerstone of achieving safety excellence throughout the Company.
  • Every Cockram staff member has the empowered obligation to stop and review any behavior or situation that they consider unsafe.
  • A positive workplace safety culture can be facilitated by the leadership and active involvement of senior Cockram management.
  • Every staff member, employee and contractor engaged on Cockram projects has a responsibility to think of their own safety and for that of others.